Principal Message
Lord illumine our minds

Dear parents

As the country is progressing towards a developed nation education plays a vital role in making this dream come true. our nation waits for young minds to create and innovate new ideas and methods to envision this dream of becoming developed nation. 

It is the responsibility of the schools and the school education to make curriculum in such a way that every aspect of the developed nation is taken care off. we try our best in making the children realize this dream of our nation being developed and making them to be responsible in their studies and other activities. 

I also request the parents to take part in this mission by creating a suitable atmosphere for the children to learn and explore. In this process we also make promises that we will live up to the expectation of our leaders and keep ourselves ready to launch into the field to our make our dream come true

Wishing you all the best and May God Bless you.
Fr. Leo Babu