Admission And Withdrawal
  1. For admission to the Nursery the minimum age is 2 year 9 months to 3 years (by 1st July).
  2. For admission to other classes application form will be issued in the third week of June. The students will be tested in the matter of the class previous to the one for which they are seeking admission.
  3. Any pupil coming to school fresh from home should produce an official birth certificate. Pupils coming from other schools must produce the transfer certificate of the school last attended and it has to be countersigned by the education officer of the state / Region.
  4. Any attempt to influence the authorities through recommendations, falsification of the date of the birth or pressurization from any quarters will automatically disqualify the applicant.
  5. A student may be removed by the school authorities on any one of the following grounds:
    a) Constant weakness in studies
    b) Habitual idleness and disobedience
    c) Behaviour problem
    d) Indifference to the school activities
    e) Moral breach
  6. The Principal has right to refuse continuation of studies to any pupil in the school whose conduct is not satisfactory.
  7. In case of withdrawal, transfer certificate and other deposits will be released on clearness of school dues. Application form for T.C. is given at the end of this diary.
  8. In higher secondary the school offers the faculties of science (Bio and Maths) and Commerce. Students of 11th seeking admission in Science faculty should have scored for their opting subjects a minimum of 75% in the 10th Board Exam.