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Our Mission

our Mission and Vision is to fulfill the needs of the students by way of teaching. making them future leader

Our vision

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School Motto

The open book stands for knowledge revealed to the world by the creator himself, which one can attain 

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From The Principal Desk

As the new academic year begins you are once again confronted with numerous challenges more home work to help with, more sophisticated questions to answer and a never ending number list of demands to meet. While parenting has its challenges, it also has its rewards. Parenting is as much about learning as it is about nurturing. 

Welcome To St.Mary’s School

St. Mary's Co-Ed School, Harda, Madhya Pradesh, India, was established in 1986 by the Roman Catholic Church of India. The school follows the C.B.S.E system of education. St. Mary's is spread over a comfortably sized campus near Harda railway station. The school educates boys and girls of all castes and religions.

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